1. Color Confusion
    Color Confusion
  2. "Middle C"
    "Middle C"
  3. The Dance
    The Dance
  4. The Colors of Mykonos
    The Colors of Mykonos
  5. Acrylic Wave
    Acrylic Wave
  6. Windy City
    Windy City
  7. Between the Leaves
    Between the Leaves
  8. Celebration
  9. Niki
  10. In Her Wildest Dreams
    In Her Wildest Dreams
  11. She Craves Ice Cream
    She Craves Ice Cream
  12. Lohini's Pressure
    Lohini's Pressure
  13. Bobcats
  14. Manic Monday
    Manic Monday
  15. Twilight
  16. City on Fire
    City on Fire
  17. Beneath the Waves
    Beneath the Waves
  18. I Paint No Fruit
    I Paint No Fruit
  19. The Kiss
    The Kiss
  20. Grace in Dance
    Grace in Dance